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What is PEG Television?

In the simplest of terms it is the availability of a television production to the general public. What is available are all things connected to a Television Station. This includes our studio, our equipment, and our staff. Your local Cable Television Company (Comcast or Verizon) makes available two channels for local content as well as funding for the operation of the stations.  In Holbrook these channels are administered by HCAM, which has been designated by the Town of Holbrook to operate their PEG stations.Public Access Television is traditionally made up of three areas

  • Public

  • Educational

  • Government

These are commonly known as PEGPublic Access (Comcast 6/Verizon 38) is the production of videos by the community to be shown to the community. These videos come from individuals as well as community groups. Many public access programming center on politics, religion and social issues. This programming will sometimes be shared across many communities. Educational Access (Comcast 6/Verizon 38) programming is centered on the educational community. Programs include school events, athletics and educational programming. Government Access (Comcast 9/Verizon 39) provides information on local government meetings, activities, and community programs. Town Government meetings including Selectmen, School Committee, Finance Committee etc. are run on this station.  Elected and appointed officials of the town can use the Government Access as well as Regional and State Governments.


Can Just Anyone Create a Show on HCAM?

Yes! Any Holbrook resident, business owner, or town representative can create a show.  The first step to do so is to contact our staff to schedule a meeting to discuss your show ideas.   There is a lot of leg-work involved in creating a show such as script, acquiring show guests or actors, props, etc. HCAM’s mission is to provide the space, training, equipment and logistical expertise to make your show happen!


How Can I Get Involved?

HCAM is always looking for show producers, creators and volunteer crew as well as crewmembers to help with covering existing town and school events. We are also seeking people to sponsor content from other stations and producers to air on HCAM’s channels. Lastly we are seeking people who wish to support our cause by becoming a member.  Please visit our contact page for our phone number and e-mail to start the process!Please visit our contact page for our phone number and e-mail to start the process!


How can I Request Copies of Meetings or Events?

You may request copies of meetings or events by contacting the office by phone or email.  Have the name of the meeting or event and the date it was held ready when contacting us. We will check our archives to ensure we have your requested content available.  Each copy will come in the form of a DVD at a cost of $5. (free pick up otherwise $5 shipping and handling will be charged for mailing.)


How can I Post a Community Announcement to the Bulletin Board?

All Submission can be added here.  You may also email, call or visit us to provide the bulletin information.  For these options, please view our contact page.


What Does Becoming a Member of HCAM Include?

Becoming a member unlocks all the potential that HCAM has to offer. You can produce your own TV Show, Volunteer to help us film shows, meetings and more, sponsor an outside program to air on HCAM, or simply provide feedback on our programming. You can join just to show your support for the work HCAM does in the community. According to HCAM’s By-Laws all Holbrook's residents and organizations in harmony with our mission are able to obtain membership. Within that construct we have 2 different types of membership, Voting and Non-Voting.Voting Membership- is available to any resident, organization or businesses within Holbrook Town lines that subscribe to one of the town’s cable providers (Comcast/Verizon).  In order to obtain this membership status you need to fill out the proper membership form. The main thing you receive by becoming a voting member is the right to vote at HCAM’s general membership meeting.Non-Voting Membership- is available to is available to any resident, organization or businesses within Holbrook Town lines that does not subscribe to on of the town’s cable providers (Comcast/Verizon). This type of memberships receives the same the access to our organization outside the right to vote at the annual membership meetings.


How Can I Request, Sponsor or Create a Program?

We are always looking for new, citizen-produced, interesting content for our viewers.  Please visit our contact page and let us know of any program ideas you may have.


Is HCAM Part of Town Government?

HCAM is not a part of Holbrook’s Town Government. HCAM is a 501c3 non-profit organization created to provide non-commercial public and educational community cable television, allow residents the access to community cable television facilities, to provide support/training to the residents & businesses wishing to produce their own content and lastly to cover and broadcast town government meetings.


How is HCAM Funded?

HCAM is funded through a licensing agreement between the Town of Holbrook and Cable providers Comcast and Verizon. These licensing agreements provide funds to be used exclusively for PEG television access and media and nothing else. The funding is calculated based on a percentage of the annual cable (video only) income each company receives from customers of Holbrook.  The Town of Holbrook has licensed these funds to be allocated to HCAM for use in operating the town’s cable access and media center.  This funding is not a tax or additional to the cable subscribers bill


Why Are the Public Access Channels not in HD?

The combination of cost to transition HCAM’s equipment and infrastructure to HD along with the Cable companies not offering the option to broadcast in HD currently. HCAM is working to upgrade all of its equipment to HD quality in a fiscally responsible manner, while continuing to work with cable providers to broadcast on an HD channel in the future.


Why Are the Public Access Channel's Programming Not in the Program Guide?

Much like the previous answer, this issue is a combination of upgrading our equipment to facilitate these improvements as well as cable providers offering the ability to have a program guide for our stations.

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